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Chers amis,

Parvenu à la mi-temps de ma carrière, le moment me semble propice pour vous présenter mon entreprise et son évolution au cours de ses vingt premières années d’existence.
La pâtisserie Vincent est née à Lutry en 1993. Entouré, avec mon épouse, de quatre collaborateurs, nous avons oeuvré avec fougue et passion, avec l’envie d’en découdre avec ce métier pour en tirer le meilleur alimentant notre motivation. D’emblée, j’ai souhaité mettre en place des produits au goût franc, naturel, dans des textures s’accordant au mieux.

Beaucoup souhaitent être des artistes, des stars dont la tête caresse les étoiles. Certains ont porté notre profession à son pinacle et ont su éveiller des vocations chez les jeunes, assurant ainsi notre relève.

Pour ce qui me concerne, fort d’un travail de tous les instants, j’ai choisi de devenir Artisan, dans toute l’acceptation du terme. Être patron pâtissier constitue un chemin particulièrement accaparant, cette fonction exigeant, entre autres obligations, une présence quasi permanente à la tête de l’entreprise.

Durant ces années de développement, j’ai été accompagné d’une équipe grandissante qu’il a, certes fallu motiver, mais au sein de laquelle, certains éléments m’ont généreusement apporté leur savoir, leurs compétences, leur force et leur courage. Au nombre de ceux-ci, je citerai le super boulanger qu’était Fernando Borrego, compagnon de la première heure, qui a beaucoup contribué à la mise en valeur de l’enseigne  » Vincent  » et sa gamme de produits très appréciés d’une clientèle en constante expansion.

Avec 65 collaboratrices et collaborateurs, 6 magasins, 5 Tea-room-restaurants, je reste aujourd’hui très attentif à la consolidation de ce label. J’ai le sentiment que la suite de cette belle histoire s’écrira grâce à des rencontres ou des opportunités nouvelles, favorisées par une vision toujours plus claire de notre métier dans le respect des traditions.
Je ne saurais conclure ce message sans remercier ma chère épouse Romaine, dont le soutien souriant au front des magasins compte pour une part très importante dans le succès de notre enseigne.

A votre service



Voilà en quelques lignes un petit historique de notre évolution.

The text below has been wroted by a journalist visiting Lutry

There are tearooms… and tearooms: the best one at the western end of the Montreux Riviera is Vincent. It offers a wide range of chocolates, patisserie, sandwiches as well as a daily menu. The tearoom is located in the beautiful village of Lutry and owned by the brilliant artist of “patisserie, confiserie and chocolaterie”, Vincent Dozin. Vincent hails from Brussels and when he first caught sight of the medieval village on the lake Geneva, he fell in love with it.

Vincent Dozin knew even at the age of 12 that he wanted to be a patissier. He graduated from the Hospitality School Brussels in 1977 and then worked his way around the great names like Wittamer in Brussels, Fauchon and Lenôtre in Paris to learn the “modern patisserie”. At that time, the “frozen fruit mousse” was for example a revolution in the way of using ingredients. Vincent learned all its secrets and started to be appreciated for its new and sharp skills in his job.

He was hired for that by the Royal Savoy in 1981 to become the patisserie chief of the hotel. Vincent remembers the director took him onto the roof of the hotel instead of showing him the kitchen and its work place… “It was a coup de coeur! » he said, “the sky and the lake were blue, the view was just breath taking, I knew I’d settled down here once and never move again! As well as in big European capitals, you can work hard and be successful here, but when you take a break, you don’t need to go away to revitalize yourself, it is like being on holidays.”

I started my own business with my wife, Romaine, and four people in 1993, when I bought the former Sordet bakery in the Grand Rue of Lutry. We worked with enthusiasm and passion and in 1998, I had the great opportunity to buy a big work place in the entrance of the village to make my laboratory. Today my staff has grown to 60, I have five stores and four tearoom restaurants. My philosophy is ‘work makes me happy.' »

My tearoom in 22 Grand-Rue was a bank before. It was converted in 2008. The chandeliers come from Modena, the plasterwork is Italian, tables and chairs are matching in the same style and the Baroque couch is a key piece of furniture. WalIs are always decorated with paintings which change regularly: I give the possibility to different artists to exhibit their works in my tearoom and organize a private viewing event for them. »

Vincent has chosen to be an artisan confectioner. He is grateful to have the support of his growing staff who is generously giving its skills and know-how. And last but not least, he is tremendously thankful to his wife Romaine, for her unconditional support, relentlessly by his side and always with a smile.

« The most popular cake of the patisserie is its “Tarte Multi-fruit” with foaming custard, tasty and juicy fresh fruits, delicately put on a bottom puff and crispy pastry. I invent, innovate and create for the pleasure of the senses. One of my last creation is a cake I named “Holidays Souvenir” which is inspired from my last holidays at the Virgin islands: a perfect blend of spices, rum and exotic fruits combining the textures of a mousse, a compote and a shortbread biscuit. I also try to be constantly creative with my confiserie items and home made chocolate truffles. I change regularly the ingredients and flavours with the changes of the seasons.”

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